If you like to be on a vegetarian, vegan or on a fruitarian diet during your tour I will be pleased to help you with your requests. The warmer the weather, the more you will enjoy a light, juicy, nutritious diet. Imagine a hot summer day in Turkey when the temperature outside is 35 C or more. Package tours will normally include all three meals and most restaurants offer rich buffet meals of the local cuisines. They look delicious and travelers are tempted to try them. People might think they are on a tour and will use this energy up later, but it is generally not the way it happens. Unfortunately being part of a commercial tour group, often covering long distances, they will have to sit for long hours in the bus trying to reach the next destination. I think this is destructive to the body as it raises the core temperature of the body and triggers free radical attacks causing damage to the body cells. Travelers who keep a light juicy plant based diet, no matter how warm the temperature is will feel comfortable and will enjoy every bit of their time with their fully functioning natural cooling system! If you decide to eat only fruits and nuts during your tour, we will buy seasonal fruits, plenty of mineral water in glass bottles and jars, fresh juicy nuts, delicious beers and wines.

In order to make sure you are eating good quality vegetables, fruits and nuts, we will often stop at farmer markets on our way. We will choose the healthiest combinations of quality seasonal vegetables, fruits and nuts available. Some of the great combinations I recommend are; almonds and dry mulberries, black olives and hazelnuts, walnuts and grapes. This way you will make sure you are not putting any harmful food in your body and your physical condition will be at an optimum level while you are traveling.

If you have time please read on and let me share with you some of the ideas of a 90 years old fruitarian friend of mine and my opinions concerning the relations of a plant based diet with the environment.

My friend Mr. Zeki Tamer said “Fruits contain vital elements to make our body work and there is a great energy in their juices. These juices do not burden our system, but pass easily through, giving the body a more efficient energy system. Imagine a world where people ate only fruits. This would result in a healthy abundance of fruit trees, giving nutritious food to be enjoyed by those who wish to live an energetic and healthy life. The world would transform into a beauty the way it used to look before, with an increase in tree populations cleaning the air and providing shelter for the wildlife”.

I think Mr. Tamer was on an esoteric journey beyond most people of his time. He was just a gentleman who impressed me with his strong will, knowledge and kindness. I tried a fruitarian diet several times in my life and during my tours. When I ate only fruits and nuts I felt very good, strong and alive, like I had never felt before. I really thought I could fly! I don’t know why exactly but I thought, this might have been the effect of some kind of mysterious solar energy transferred to my body, like the ”bio photons” mentioned by nutritionist Jean Dries. I had once read an article where it was mentioned that he claimed that fruits and nuts contained this particular solar energy called “bio photons” obtained from the Sun by means of the leaves, which later transferred them to the fruits. In time as I observed the environment I started to think that unlike birds who have transparent feather stems similar to solar panels, humans have little ability to get direct energy from the Sun. I thought this energy could have unbelievable effects for the healing of the body. In fact each time I was on a fruitarian diet I felt the difference very quickly. A sensation of integrity and a wave of energy spread through my body.

I think another benefit of plant based diets to human health could be a psychological one, if we think we are not causing the death of animals to survive. There is no need to make a secret of the fact that when we consume meat, we are starting a chain reaction which will cause the suffering and death of animals.

Mr. Zeki Tamer

“The human body doesn’t need food to live. But as long as it moves, it will not die” said Mr. Zeki Tamer, who died at the age of 92. Pointing out the importance of a frugal diet and of exercise for the human body. Mr. Tamer was a member of a research program at Kansas university on longevity study and a friend of the former US president Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy.

The increase of human populations in the world and their eating habits are the main reasons for the destruction of the forests and the right environmental conditions in which they live. The excessive grazing of the animals and raising of the crops do not permit the creation of a suitable flora which is necessary for the growth of the trees. This also means erosion, which takes away the fertile soil and poor peasants moving to the towns, which grow continually, creating more environmental and social problems. As for our bodies they are not designed for such a sedentary lifestyle. Degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and brain diseases strike many people.

Plant based diets with more fruit consumption could be an alternative plan to stop global warming and save the world. This would result in the increase of the fruit trees in the world and reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to animal farming. It simply consists of collecting fruits from the trees, eating them and scattering their seeds around. By doing this, we will spread these fruit trees everywhere and will need no instruments to do that. Our bare hands are designed to collect and eat fruits. It is quite simple and this saves time and prevents the nature harming ways of processing, cooking and washing dishes.

Mr. Zeki And I Working As Tour Guides, In Istanbul at Zindan han by the Golden Horn.
This old fruitarian, athlete and swimming instructor, was still able to run 100 meters in 14 seconds at the age of 90. His motto was “What is the use of controlling the world if one can not control his own body.”