About Tolun

Attributes: Speaks fluent Turkish, English, French, Italian, Japanese and can communicate in Russian, Chinese (Mandarin) and German. Can conduct tours in every region of Turkey and many other countries. He has worked as a tour guide for various tour operators and has traveled extensively with American, European, Canadian, Japanese and Chinese groups in their own language. Tolun, has an E-class driver's license and has an unblemished driving record. He considers safe driving on Turkish roads is one of the most important aspects of his work. Education: Studied Archaeology and Philology at the University of Ankara, Studied at Iowa State University; Iowa City, Iowa, (USA), Studied at Omsk State Pedagogical University; Omsk, (Russia)   Experience: Started to conduct tours, in 1983 performed over 500 tours, traveled over 850,000 km, He worked for more than 20 travel agencies, including, Cox & Kings, Kuoni, Marmara, I Viaggi Del Ventaglio, Deren Koray Travel etc., conducted archaeological, cultural and religious tours.   Organizations: An active member and supporter of Greenpeace in Turkey. Is on the translation team and acts as an interpreter during some of their projects in Turkey.   Personal info:  Lives in Turkey travels often to New Zealand, Russia, Europe and America. He is a vegetarian but sometimes in summer while traveling he keeps a fruitarian diet, consisting of eating only fruits and nuts from the trees. He was born in Istanbul and grew up in Ankara. While in Turkey he sometimes lives in Cappadocia region, located in central Anatolia. In his free time he does body building, takes walks in the valleys and plants fruit trees, or works on the restoration of his old 19-room Cappadocian cave house (consisting of both caves and regular rooms), transforming it into a small boutique hotel.