View of Kempinski from Bosphorus

Lodging Istanbul Cıragan Palace Kempinski

View of Fuat Pasha Residence

Fuat Pasha Mansion on Bosphorus

When it comes to hotel accommodations in Turkey, you’ll find some of the finest establishments globally, often at prices more reasonable than comparable ones in other parts of Europe. Each hotel boasts a unique style, providing basic amenities alongside a touch of Turkish hospitality. Prices vary based on factors such as quality, star rating, category, popularity, and reputation. Your journey through Turkey is not just about exploration; it’s about immersing yourself in unparalleled comfort and charm. Once your itinerary is set, I am ready to assist you in booking these extraordinary accommodations.

Here are glimpses of some of my preferred hotels and my guest house in the captivating region of Cappadocia:

Bosphorus view room - Ciragan Palace

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel living room

Cıragan bedroom with view on Bosphorus

Cıragan Palace bedroom

View from the room of Four Seasons on historical peninsula

Four Seasons Hotel room

Four Seasons Hotel entrance in old town

Istanbul old town entrance of Four Seasons Hotel

Canakkale Kolin Hotel room with view on Dardanelles

Kolin Hotel Canakkale

View of the room of Kismet Hotel in Kusadasi

Kısmet Hotel room near Ephesus

View of the pool of Kismet Hotel in Kusadasi

Kismet pool near Ephesus

Palmira Hotel Halicarnassus bedroom

Palmira Hotel room Halicarnassus

View of the pool of Palmira Hotel in Halicarnassus

Palmira Hotel pool in Halicarnassus

Outside view of Talya hotel in Antalya

Talya in Antalya

Living room in Talya Hotel in Antalya

Talya living room

Talya Hotel dining table

Talya buffet

Zorlu Hotel living room in Trabzon

Trabzon Zorlu suite


Accommodations during blue voyages

View of master cabin in yacht

Master cabin in a gulet

Cappadocia is a Unesco world heritage region located in the central part of Turkey known for its interesting landscape, rock formations, fairy chimneys, rock carved churches and cave dwellings. Since I always liked mountains, I acquired a complex of derelict houses composed of several rooms and caves up above the area in 2002, in a small town called Uchisar. The rock castle and the houses around Uchisar were inhabited by early Christian communities and possibly by Hittites earlier, drawn to the strategic advantage of elevated locations. During the restorations in one of the caves we found a tunnel behind a wall connecting the cave rooms to a network of underground passages. The existence of the tunnel in that cave room is an indication that those caves are probably dating back from the Late Imperial Hittite period when iron tools started to be widely used. The guest house offers stunning panoramic views over the valleys and the Erciyes Mountain in the horizon. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of ancient history, the mystical landscapes, or the cozy charm of cave dwellings, your stay at my guest house promises an unforgettable journey through the ages.

View of the entrance of Cappadocia Lodge in Pigeons valley

View From My Lodge In Pigeon Valley, Uchisar. Entrance.

View of the Valleys and Argeus mountain in the horizon from Tolun's Cappadocia Lodge

View From My Lodge In Pigeon valley, Uchisar. Panorama.

Living room view Cappadocia Lodge

My Lodge In Pigeon Valley. Living Room.

View from Tolun's Cappadocia lodge

My Lodge In Pigeon Valley. Bedroom.

bathroom sink

bathroom sink

View of the bathroom of Tolun's Cappadocia Lodge

My Lodge In Pigeon Valley. Bathroom